CHEMLAB KOREA(Int’l Chemical & Bio Industrial Equipment Expo) introducing innovative equipment & facilities required for the chemical industry, bio-technology, and laboratory with excellent growth potential will be held in Songdo Convensia, Incheon.

The field for measurement and analysis instrument is expanding annually due to external factors such as the development of the manufacturing industry that needs advanced technology, government support policies, etc., so it is expected that overall sales of the related companies and industries will be on the rise.
Accordingly, CHEMLAB KOREA 2021 will bring research & production equipment and measurement & analysis instrument in the bio & pharmaceutical field as well as in the chemical industry together.
We are creating a place for business exchanges in which actual users, buyers, and those engaged in distribution companies will visit the exhibition center. Visitors will exchange information through a variety of concurrent events, such as professional conferences, industry trends, introduction to policies, etc.
We hope you will find new business opportunities through this exhibition where industries, research institutes, universities with equipment that can be used jointly, government-affiliated research institutes, professional production technology institutes, techno parks, locally specialized centers, societies, associations, and companies located in Songdo Bio Research Complex will participate as buyers
TITLEInt’l Chemical & Bio Industrial Equipment Expo
PERIOD2023. 3. 22(Wed) – 24(Fri)
TIME10 am ~ 5 pm (last entrance: 4:30 pm)
VENUESongdo Convensia, Incheon
ORGANIZERMESSE ESANG, Incheon Tourism Organization
Chemical Equipment
Dryer, Granulator, Agitator, Concentrator, Sterilizer, Mixer, Reactor, Dough mixer, Incubator, Valve, Classifier, Blender, Industrial Boiler, Separator, Washing Machine, Sterilizer, Sludge Collector, Spray Dryer, Compressor, Extruder, Filtration Equipment, Heat Exchanger, Aggregator, Conveyor, Sizer, Mill, Evaporator , Vibratory Machine, Extractor, Dehydrator, Deodorizer, Defoamer, Tank, Crusher, Pump, Filter , Filter press, Filter housing, Mixer
Basis Laboratory
Reagents and Reference Materials, Laboratory Exhaust and Ventilation Equipment, Laboratory Table, Cabinet and Furniture, Laboratory Stirrer, Heater and Basic Equipment
Measurement and Analysis
Measuring, Surveying and Measuring Equipment, Image and Data Processing Equipment, Laboratory Automation and Process Control Equipment, Life, Chemistry Research and Analysis Equipment, Nano, Materials Measurement and Analysis Instruments
Bio Equipment
DNA, RNA and Protein Analysis Equipment, Image Analysis and Electrophoresis Device, Cell Culture and Analysis Equipment, Microscope, SEM, TEM and Electron, Atomic Force Microscope, Diagnostic Test, Lsotope, Pathology Equipment, Peptide, Pathology and Mutation Analysis Equipment, Biotechnology, Bioprocess Systems, Fermentation Process and Food Engineering Equipment
Medical Equipment
Biopharmaceuticals, Bio-similars, Bio Services & Biotechnology, Bio Cluster, Bio Logistics
Safety Equipment and Technology
Laboratory Waste Disposa0l, Laboratory Hazardous Material Storage Equipment, Laboratory High-Pressure Gas Management, Lab Personal Protective Equipment, UV-rays and laser Related Safety Equipment, Laboratory Safety-check and Precision Safety Diagnosis Agency, Laboratory Cleansing and Shower Equipment
Environmental Technology & Equipment
Water, Air and Environmental Analysis Equipment, Vacuum, Pressure, Sealing Facility, Laboratory High Temperature, Heating, Cold, Freezing and Cooling Facilities, Research Vessels, Aircraft, Automobiles, Plant and Microorganism Growth, Experimental Facility, Wastewater Treatment, Purification Facilities, Water Quality Management, Monitoring Facilities
Industrial safety and protective equipment
Safety helmets, safety belts, safety shoes, safety gloves, safety gloves, face shields, dust protective masks, anti-gas masks, ventilation masks, earplugs, and protective clothing