Registration Process
Fill out the application form and sent it by email
Wire-transfer 50% deposit
within 10 days of submission
Deposit balance payment by
10 Feb, 2023
Booth and Facility
Space Only
Shell Scheme
1Booth (3m x 3m = 9㎡)
1Booth (3m x 3m = 9㎡)
USD 2,300
USD 2,600
Detail* Only raw space provide
- Minimum units: 2 or more booths
- Songdo Convensia’s designated company’s booth installation
- Electricity not included, required of electricity subscription
- Standard Shell Booth provided
- Space and basic facilities provided
- Booth Frame (Pytex) carpeting
- 2-socket, outlet (1ea) [220v, 1kw]
- Spotlights
- Company signboard(1ea)
- Information desk and chair (1set)
* The above booth image is for your reference only
* contents of assembly booth are subjects to change by organizer plan of exhibition
Additional facilities
Regular Electricity
(single phase 220V, three phase 220V, three phase 380V)
24hr ElectricityUSD 100KW
InternetUSD 150Number
Water supplyUSD 250Number
Compressed airUSD 250Number
Visitor Entry barcode readerUSD 250Number
Cancellation of contract
For cancellation, an official document must be submitted to the organizer, minimum 90 days prior to the show. Please note that there will be cancellation fees depending on the cancellation date.
The point of cancellation
~60 days before the show59~30 days before the showWithin 29 days before the show
50% of the whole rental fee70% of the whole rental fee100% of the whole rental fee


1.Definition of a Term

① ‘Exhibition’ means an event hosted and presided over by Messe eSang (hereinafter referred to as “company”) alone or jointly by a third party, in which exhibitors present their exhibits at a particular place and hold them to achieve the purpose of sales, promotion, education and exchange to the visitors.
② ‘Exhibitor’ means a company or individual or public institution or cooperative organization that submitted an application for participation in an exhibition and obtained the company’s approval, and ‘Visitor’ means a visitor to an exhibition hall to see the exhibits or to participate in additional events in the exhibition.
③ ‘Exhibit item’ means any tangible or intangible product or service that exhibitors present in an exhibition to sell or promote.
④ ‘Participation fee (Exhibition expense)’ means the total amount of expenses promised to be paid to the company in accordance with the details of the use of the exhibition services applied by the exhibitors (exhibition booth area, additional facilities, design, equipment, construction, etc.).
⑤ ‘Application for exhibitor (Submission details)’ means the details of an exhibition service application by an exhibitor in an online or written manner specified by the company.
⑥ ‘Exhibition hall’ means a place that provides exhibitors with physical space for holding exhibitions on the responsibility of the company (ownership or lease), which is dedicated and public space used by exhibitors or visitors from the date of installation of the device to the date of removal, regardless of whether there is an indoor or outdoor roof.
⑦ ‘Exhibit booth’ means a space where exhibitors use exhibits for promotion and sales purpose within an exhibition hall.
⑧ ‘The date of installation of the device (Installation date)’ means the period during which space such as exhibition booths and warehouses are maintained and prepared for an exhibition, ‘the date of exhibition’ means the period during which visitors visit the exhibition hall to see the exhibition, and ‘the date of removal of the device’ means period during which items and installations are removed after the end of the viewing period.

2.Exhibition and Exhibitor

① Details of the exhibition’s name, duration, and location of the event refer to the exhibition listed in the entry application form.
② Exhibitors must match the company name (personal name) listed on the application form and the entity (individual) actually participating in the exhibition and the subject of the tax invoice issue.

3.Apply for Exhibition Participation (Signing of Contract)

① Contract Enforcement1: Exhibitors check the details of the contract in the manner (online or in writing) specified by the company and submit an application for participation in the exhibition, and the contract is concluded by the company’s approval.
② Contract Enforcement 2: If the company determines that it is necessary to modify the application submitted by the exhibitor, the company shall amend the details to reply to the exhibitor (confirmation of the application for participation) and the contract shall be concluded when the exhibitor approves it.

4.Changes and Cancellations of Contracts

① Contract Change: Exhibitor may request changes to the details of the Participation Agreement 30 days before the exhibition is held, and the company may approve modifications to the Agreement within the scope of any operational disruption of the exhibition.
② Termination of the contract [Cancellation of Participation]: If an exhibitor wishes to cancel (all or part of) an application for an exhibition participation contract, he or she shall express his intention in writing, but shall pay the damages penalty upon termination to the company.

5.Participation Fee Payment

① Participation fee (Exhibition expense): The sum of the details listed in the application (contract).
② Due date for participation fee payment: The date of the exhibition below indicates the start date of installation of the device.
– 50% of the total cost of participation: within 10 days of the approval of the application
(However, if the exhibition is left to be held within 60 days, until the next day of the approval of the application)
– 100% of the total cost of participation: 30 days prior to the exhibition start date
③ The company may cancel the contract if the exhibitor has not paid the participation fee within the time limit, and if he or she attends the exhibition without payment, the company may limit the removal (carrying) of the exhibits until the participation fee are fully paid.

6.Cancellation of Participation (Contract Cancellation) Penalty

– Cancellation until 60 days before the exhibition starts: 50% of the total participation fee
– Cancellation from 30 days to 60 days before the exhibition starts: 70% of the total participation fee
– Cancellation from 30 days to the date of installation of the device: 100% of the total participation fee
① If the company cancels the contract because the exhibitor fails to pay the participation fee within the period, the entire participation fee paid shall not be returned.
② The cancellation penalty shall be completed within 10 days from the date the contract is terminated.

7.Arrangement of Exhibition Booths, etc.

① Considering the reasonable operation of the exhibition, the company determines the location, size, and type of equipment for exhibitors, including exhibition booths, and notifies them by confirming and notifying detailed operation regulations before the date of exhibition.
② In the event that the reason for the change in the exhibition’s operation occurs even after the space is allocated to the exhibitor and the operation regulations are notified, the company may change the detailed operation regulations, such as the size, location, and equipment of the exhibition booth.
③ In the case of the preceding clause, the exhibitor shall accept any changes to the company’s operating regulations unless there is a significant change in the purpose of its participation in the exhibition, and shall not claim any damages for the alteration.

8.Submission and Management of an Exhibit

① Exhibit Restrictions: The company may limit entries if the exhibits are subject to the following reasons:
A. Goods (services) that have not been pre-reported in the application form or which have not been approved for an exhibition
B. Goods (services) that are concerned about the risk of safety accidents due to exhibition operation or that do not conform to the nature of the exhibition
C. Goods (services) that are unsuitable for sales and promotion due to legal restrictions, such as infringement of trademark rights, and defects in licensing prices
D. In case of a failure in the smooth operation of the exhibition, such as disputes with other exhibitors, complaints from visitors, and abhorrence
② During the exhibition period, the company may request the exhibitors to withdraw (carry out) the exhibits for reasons of the preceding clause, and if the exhibitors refuse to comply or delay the action, the company may remove the exhibition booth.
③ Exhibitors should deploy commercial owners during the exhibition period to fully manage exhibits in a dedicated space, and take measures such as security, safety and insurance to prevent human and physical accidents caused by exhibits.
④ The company provides basic security services for the exhibits submitted by signing an expense counter contract, but the exhibitors are ultimately responsible for the theft, loss and loss of the exhibits unless the reasons for the attributable to the company’s intentional or heavy negligence are proven.

9.Responsibility for Defects and Performance, etc.
① The liability for defects in the exhibits, liability for the manufacture and liability for all damages related to the exhibitors’ exhibits shall be resolved directly by the exhibitor with the victim, and the company shall not be responsible for settling or mediating the disputes.
② The company does not support the responsibility for the performance of all commercial activities, including settlement, delivery, return, and cancellation, for goods and services provided by the exhibitors to the visitors at the exhibition hall (distribution, sale, loan, etc.).

10. No Transfer of Exhibition Booths
① An exhibitor may not assign to a third party the space designated for him (all or part of it) without the approval of the company.
② If an exhibitor participates in an exhibition with a related company such as a parent company, a subsidiary company, a branch office, an agency, etc., the exhibition space shall be transferred with the approval of the company, and in this case, an application for participation (a contract) in the name of the concerned company shall be submitted.
③ If an exhibitor places exhibits and promotional materials of a third party in a dedicated space other than the name of the exhibitor (company name, brand, etc.) listed in the application, the act of indirect exhibition booth transfer is considered, and the company may remove (carry out) the item or remove the booth without a refund of the participation fee.

11.Facility and Safety Management

① Exhibitors shall be responsible for all human and physical accidents occurring in the space reserved by the exhibitors and in the public space occupied by the exhibitors during the exhibition period (from the installation of the device date to the removal of the device date).
② Exhibitors are obliged to protect all facilities installed by the company or exhibition hall lender from damage and to restore them back to their pre-use condition at the end of the exhibition period.
③ In the event of a delay in the restoration of the original condition of the exhibitors for the alteration or damage of the facility or insufficient recovery measures, the company may instead implement the necessary measures for the restoration and charge the exhibitors for the costs.
④ Exhibitors’ facilities (equipment) and all exhibits shall comply with the regulations concerning combustion and disinfection in accordance with the fire and safety regulations, and the company may, if necessary, require exhibitors to implement fire prevention measures, etc.

12. Detailed Operation Regulations (Manual of Exhibitors)

① Detailed operation regulations (Manual of Exhibitors) such as installation and removal of facilities, additional facilities, sound facilities, parking, and promotional events related to exhibition operation shall be notified to exhibitors by the method (home page, e-mail, etc.) set by the company until the day before the installation of the device date.
② Details concerning the operation of exhibitions not set out in this Agreement shall be as provided by the previous clause’s ‘Detailed Operation Regulations’, which must be understood and complied with by the exhibitor.
② In the event that an exhibitor violates the detailed operation regulations of the preceding clause, the company may restrict the exhibitor’s participation in the next exhibition or remove the exhibitor’s booth without returning the participation fee.

13. Additional Cost

① In the event that an exhibition hall is used beyond the period (the installation of the device date, the exhibition date, the removal of the device date) set by the detailed operation regulations of Article 12, the company may charge the exhibitor additional costs.
② The additional costs of the preceding clause shall be paid until the end of the exhibition and, if the additional costs are not fully paid, the withdrawal (carrying) of the exhibits may be restricted.

14. Codes of Conduct

① The exhibitor shall not bear any additional expenses other than those set forth in the contract, such as the cost of the participation and additional expenses incurred in accordance with the detailed operation regulations, nor shall he pay any money or entertainment to employees or third parties other than the account under the company name or provide any money or entertainment related to the exhibition.
② If an exhibitor does not fill out an application for participation or participates in an exhibition on a condition different from what is stated in the application form, the exhibitor must pay the participation fee based on the actual service history.
③ In violation of the provisions of the previous two clauses, the company shall confirm that illegal acts such as acquiescence of the contract and other services, acceptance of money, entertainment and convenience belong to the company’s business malpractice, breach of trust and receipt of service, and shall not deny criminal responsibility.

15.Information Protection

① The company shall not provide exhibitors with any information on visitors who have visited the exhibition unless they have obtained the join consent of the third party information from the visitors.
② The company shall not provide information to the exhibitors unless they have agreed to provide the information in the preceding clause, even if they have visited the exhibitors’ own space or are invited by the exhibitors themselves.

16.Settlement of a Dispute

Disputes arising between the company and the exhibitors regarding the interpretation of the Regulations for Participation and disputes concerning the obligations of the rights of both parties shall be subject to arbitration by the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board and shall not be brought to court.

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