Marketing Support Program for Participating Company
Chemexpokorea promotes the participating companies from the start to the end of the exhibition through the on-/off-line promotion marketing service operation.
On-line Directory
Provide company information for visitors
SMS invitations
We provide participating companies with mobile, web and English invitations as well as an invitation card to allow them to easily invite buyers in a variety of ways. They are designed so that the company name can be listed, and they will exert an excellent promotional effect. You can use them to invite domestic and foreign buyers.
barcode readers
Able to obtain information about visitors who visited the booth through barcode readers recognizing their pass(separate application). Therefore, you will be able to get good results additionally by contacting them who visited the booth after the conclusion of the exhibition.
holding a seminar
If you run exhibitions and seminars at the same time, we believe that the effect will be more than double. If participating companies hold seminars, we will do our best to promote them online and offline.
If you hold a solo seminar in the seminar room in Songdo Convensia during the exhibition period, we will support some of the seminar and promotional expenses for the exhibition, and in the case of invitation to guest speakers from overseas, we will provide some of the required expenses.
1:1 business meeting
We will directly invite valid buyers from all parts of the world including Europe, Southeast Asia, China, South Korea, etc. that participating companies want to meet in order to proactively support them to have 1:1 meeting on the spot through previous business matching.