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3RD SUSTERIAL KOREA (Sustainable Materials Expo)


March. 26(Wed) – 28(Fri), 2025


Songdo Convensia, Incheon


High-performance alloy, heat treatment, steel material, Light metal, Metal processing technology, 3D printer material
Ceramic materials for electric/electro-optics, Semiconductor/Secondary battery materials, Carbon fiber composite, CNT, Graphene, Glass, Pyrotechnics, Ceramic processing technology
Bioplastics, Biodegradable resins, Bioadditives, Cellulose, Recycled materials, Recycling technology, Pyrolysis oil
Inspection Solutions, Measuring Instruments, Chemical/Pharmaceutical/Environment/Bio analysis system and device, Analysis technology, Optical/Precision Inspection Instruments, Quality Control Systems

Who Visits?

This information is based on visitor information for 2024.
3M, COWAY, GE Healthcare, GS Caltex, Henkel, KG Dongbu Steel, Komico, kt&g, LG Innotek, LG Chem, LX Hausys, Mico, SAVIC, Sk interior, STMCO, STFC, Gangnam Jevisco, Kukdo Chemical, Kia Motors, Daesung, Lotte Food, Monami, Byeoksan Paint, Samsung Display, Sindorico, and ShinhandaIamond Industrial, Alchem, Aekyung Chemical, Aekyung Special Paint, Ottogi, Wonik Cube, Jogwang Paint, Cheongho Nice, Kolon Industries, Pacific Glass, Korea Institute of Production Technology, Hanssem, Hanwha L&C, Hanwha Solution, Hyundai Livart, Hyundai Wia, Hyundai Steel, Hyundai Hikem Co., Ltd., Hwaseong Cosmetics, Hyosung Chemical, Huynovation

Electrical and Electronic45%

Coating and Painting28%

Semiconductor 12%

 Business Category

Rechargeable Battery10%

Etc 5%

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