The 14th Int’l Coating, Adhesive & Film Industry Expo is

an exhibition specialized in coating, adhesive and film industry, which is held every March at Songdo Convensia, Incheon. It is a representative B2B exhibition where you can see coating, adhesive, and film industries that are essential to all manufacturing industries.
Especially in 2020, we have subdivided and expanded the exhibition items to mark 11th anniversary. It has grown into a representative exhibition in Korea as a business venue where various products related to the domestic coating, adhesive, and film industry which can be displayed in one place, comparing products, and exchanging related information.

Korea’s representative Coating Show, Int’l Coating Adhesive & Film Industry Expo, will bring you new business opportunities.
The 14th int’l Coating, Adhesive & Film Industry Expo
Has been held in Songdo Convensia, Incheon every March since 2010. COATING KOREA is specialized in coating, adhesive, and film industry that represent Korea. Based on more than a decade of exhibition experience in the domestic coating, adhesive and film industry, we provide a global platform for exhibitor to generate maximum business results for buyers in Korea, Asia and the world.
Chance of 1:1 Business Matching
We provide 1:1 business matching service to get effective business in short period.
Through the exhibition, we provide various marketing services such as meeting global buyers in person to promote the superior competitiveness of domestic products and technologies to explore the market.
Meet industry trends in one place!
In COATING KOREA, you may meet all the latest trend of industry and product in one place.
It is the representative B2B exhibition in Korea where you can see coating, adhesive, and film industries that are essential to all manufacturing industries such as construction, automobile, shipbuilding, industrial materials, display, energy, nano, bio & medical.
Representative international exhibition in Incheon
Manufacturing companies and industrial complexes are concentrated in Incheon. By holding an exhibition in Incheon, we are promoting partnership and sharing growth among local companies. We are also creating synergy effects of fostering local industries, introducing overseas buyers, and exchanging business chance.
TITLEInt’l Coating, Adhesive & Film Industry Expo
PERIOD2023. 3. 22(Wed) – 24(Fri)
TIME10 am ~ 5 pm (last entrance: 4:30 pm)
VENUESongdo Convensia, Incheon
ORGANIZERMESSE ESANG, Incheon Tourism Organization
Color Coating Agent, Urethane Coating Agent, Epoxy Coating Agent, Silicone Coating Agent, Surface Treatment Agent, Film Hard Coating Agent, Nano Coating Agent, Electronic Material Coating Agents, Anti—static Coating Agent, Wood Coating Agent, Special Purpose Functional Coating Agent
Raw Materials
Bonding Agent / Solvent / Coloring Agent / Filler / Additives
Heat Resistant Coat, Insulation Coat, Electro-deposition Coat, Special Purpose Functional Coat, Architectural Coat, Noise Resistant Coat, Natural Paint, Industrial Paint, Woodworking Coat, Putty , Heavy Duty Coating
Printing Ink, Flexo Ink, Bag Ink, Solvent Ink, Gravure Ink, Newspaper Ink, Sheet Fed Ink, Web Ink, Soybean Oil Ink, Glass Screen Ink, Metal Screen Ink
Urethane Adhesives, Epoxy Adhesives, Rubber Adhesives, Acryl Adhesives, Silicone Adhesives, Hot Melt Adhesives, UV Related Adhesives, Emulsion Adhesives, Instant Adhesives & other industrial adhesives
Repair / House
(Metal, Wood, Ceramic) Repair Adhesives, Housekeeping
Film Based, Paper Based, Cloth Based, Foil Based, Foam Cotton Based Adhesive Tape, Organosilicone plue, casting glue, OCA Optical Adhesive, Hot Melt Adhesives, PSA, conductive tape, scotch tape, AB plue, double sided adhesive tape, industrial adhesive tape, high temperature adhesive tape, foam adhesive tape, coated laminated adhesive, self-adhesive label and other materials.
Nano, Nano Dispersion, Metal Oxides, Metal Powder/Paste, Non—metal Inorganic Materials, Composite Materials, Nano-structures (Nano-wire, Nano-fiber, Carbon Structures), Bio Materials
Applied products
Alumina, Zirconia, Rare earth, Ceramic Paint / Raw Materials, Ceramic Equipment, Ceramic Product
Agents / etc
Water Repellent, Roof Water Repellent, Floor Water Repellent, Water—proof Admixture, Water-proof Plaster Admixture, Special Purpose Functional High Polymer Water—proof Admixture
Raw Materials
Resins, Additives, Pigments, Dyestuffs, Solvents, Laminators, Coating Materials, Surfactants, Pastes, Monomers
Research Equipments, Production Facilities, Measuring Equipments, UV Devices, Applicators, Nano Coating Equipments
Film / Sheet
High Performance Films
Optical Film, Protective Film, Films for Semiconductor/Touch Panel/SoIarPaneI/2ndary Battery Applications, Lithium Ion Battery Separation Membrane, Electrolyte Membrane for Fuel Cell, Plastic Based Film, Paint Alternative Film, Biodegradable Plastic Film, Photo—catalyst Film, Release Film, Insulation Film, Wrapping Film, Window Film, IMD Film, Transfer Film, Laser Film, Decorative Film, IT0 Film, Polarizing Film, Prism Film, Self Adhesive Film, AR/AG Film
Film Test / Analysis
Micro—defect Inspection System, Heat Shrink Measurement System, Membrane Pressure Tester/ Hardness Tester/Counter, Reflection Tester, Air Bubble Inspection System, other test devices