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Surface treatment is key technology for Hi-Tech
B2B exhibition specialized in domestic root industry, surface treatment and painting industry,

With the development of the automobile, electronics, telecommunications, shipbuilding, aerospace, and machinery industries, which are among the high value-added industries in the world, the demand for excellent surface treatment, plating, and painting industries is increasing.

SURTECH KOREA aims to promote industrial exchange and development through the connection between the surface treatment industry and the consumer. Also establish cooperation with manufacturers, small and medium-sized enterprises and global enterprises to pave the way for growth of the root industry.
Global market for root industries reached $2 trilllion in 2011 and grown 3.7 percent annually.
In 2020, displays, semiconductors and more will grow $ 4 trillion due to foreground industry.
Domestic market for root industry record market worth in $ 86 billion and total production recorded in $ 38 billion in 2011.
In 2020, this industry will grow to $ 175 billion and the average annual growth rate is expected to be 6.3%.
TITLEInt''l Hi-Tech Surface & Painting Expo
PERIOD2023. 3. 22(Wed) – 24(Fri)
TIME10 am ~ 5 pm (last entrance: 4:30 pm)
VENUESongdo Convensia, Incheon
ORGANIZERMESSE ESANG, Incheon Tourism Organization
production facilities and equipment related to Electroplating / Electroless plating
Painting / Paints
Powder coating, Electrodeposition coating & Raw materials, Various types of paint, Painting technology and equipment
Smart Factory
Automation robot, Automatic rack plating equipment, Automatic barrel plating/coloring/coating equipment, Smart factory, Conveyor belt, Reel-to-Reel automatic high speed plating equipment, etc.
Hi-Tech Industry
DLC Coating, Graphene Synthesis and application process, Plating for military and MEMS plating, Test/Research equipment for quality
Heat Treatment / Polishing
Production facilities and equipment, Polishing / Grinding Process technology for New/Special materials and processing tech
IT / Semiconductor
Software for surface treatment, Etching equipment, Super-hydrophobic surface treatment, SMT/PCB, Atomospheric pressure plasma equipment, Production facilities for part materials
Wastewater Treatment
Chemicals, Facilities, Equipment and Systems related to recycling of sewage/wastewater/public sewage.
Intelligent water management system
Environmental/Safety Facilities
Environmental facilities and equipment related to exhaust system / land maintenance, Improvement of working environment and safety management of facilities